Oh, what a marvelous cast…

Lizzie Muncey as Madame Valerian
Lizzie Muncey as Madame Valerian

Actors are, quite simply, the most amazing people in the world. The average person, as Jerry Seinfeld has pointed out, is more afraid of speaking in public than of death. Actors  coming to auditions have to walk into a room of beady eyed strangers, clutching a script they’ve only just met, and not only speak – they have to BE somebody else. I’d be terrified, but everyone I’ve seen over the past few weeks has been poised, commited, enhusiastic and generous – as well as pretty terrified.

This of course, made it difficult for myself and actors Sarah and Robert to choose just one. What made our final choice, Lizzie Muncey, stand out? Well, apart from being beautiful and talented, she was also amazingly well prepared. She’d thought through exactly how she wanted to approach the part, and she hit all the marks she’d set herself. Just because I could (well, they do say that power corrupts), I then asked her to do one bit completely differently, and she was brilliant at that too. I can’t describe how exciting it is to see someone do this  so well, but it might help if you pictured Lizzie going out the front door while in the back the three of us danced around the room singing “We’re in love with a wonderful girl…”.  Actually, it was just me singing, but I thought it sounded slightly more dignified the other way.

So now it’s on to cast member number four – the young man who will play the dashing Adrian Kentwell. Must say I’m looking forward to this particularly…

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