About a Poster

hayton-imageIf it’s possible to be in love with a poster, I’m in love with ours. In fact, whenever I have a dark production day (like right now, when I’m having trouble confirming a fifth preview date in my own village), I only have to look at the fabulous poster designed by Tami Brown (TamiBrown.com)  to feel better. However, my affair with this poster started quite a long time before Tami became involved. The picture you see here was the first image we had toward the Hayton poster – an ink drawing by the amazing artist, poet and chef John Lyons (www.johnlyons.org). He kindly allowed me to use this image for my poster, but I quickly decided the part that worked best for us was the rather ominous looking figure standing at the back. So I began to play with isolating this figure and adding some text: hayton-1

Like so. This was great fun, and I was also rather fond of the font used here (appropriately called Blackadder) but it lacked the colour and punch it will need to stand out in Edinburgh. Robert’s partner (and the wonderful designer of our wonderful webpage http://www.haytononhomicide.co.uk), Jane Horwood (www.catfishwebdesign.com), put us in touch with her friend Tami, and from the first image she sent us I knew this was going to be great.  So, without further ado, here is the poster design we’ll be using in Cambridge, London and Edinburgh, with the hope that it will intrigue you and entice you and even cheer you as it does me….

Poster design by Tami Brown - tamibrown.com

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