The calm before the storm…

We searched high and low, saw actors of all types and ages, and have finally found our Adrian Kentwell.

Mark Philip Compton
Mark Philip Compton

He’s dark and he’s dashing  and we think he’s going to be unforgettable in this role. He’s also a most accomplished actor – recently appearing as Carlos in the very well reviewed UK premiere of The Woodsman at the Old Red Lion. With the indefatigable Sarah Allan also confirmed as our PR and Marketing Assistant and Tech, our team is now complete. This leaves me with only a few details to sort before we begin rehearsals in June – a strange feeling as I’ve been so driven to get the major pieces all in place – venue, cast, accomodation, main marketing images and text, preview dates, rehearsal space – and now I can relax. Well, sort of. Because now of course I have to change from producer’s to director’s mode – from thinking about contracts, ticket sales and logistics to thinking about interpetation, performance and atmosphere. In short, the fun part – but also the part that’s most difficult to get right. On May 23rd, the whole cast comes together for the first time to read the script together and make any final adjustments. Whenever I think about this my stomach goes into freefall. It’s so exciting seeing a play come to life…but also terrifying. Once June starts it will be non-stop for all of us until the 30th of August, when we pack our bags and return to Cambridge, hopefully with a month of fabulous memories and a new bunch of lifelong friends.

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