Monday Morning, Almost 10 am

Hayton-3We’ve opened! We’ve now had two performances and a day (yesterday) “off” and met some amazing people and seen some amazing shows…to the point where I don’t know where to start this post really.  Our last preview, at the Haslingfield Little Theatre, merits a post on its own – it saw another sellout audience, a new special effect which even our Lx loves, and a question and answer session that filled all our little hearts with joy – they got it, they  loved it, they wanted to talk about it. Getting the show up here all went eerily smoothly – love the venue (we are convinced we have the nicest and most professional tech team in Edinburgh at The Space venues – and the nicest loos!), love our flat and love Edinburgh as much as ever. And our first night was as close to a sellout as makes no difference (61 out of 66 seats sold). Just to keep us from getting cocky, however, the theatre gods decided to mess with the technical side of the show on opening night which meant we had some interesting light changes and the odd sound (or odder, as all our sounds are odd)  where it shouldn’t have been.  Audience reaction was still very warm though, with lots of happy smiles as they exited.

Day two saw us give a technically spot on performance to another large audience (including one gentleman who was returning for a second helping – we’re intrigued but didn’t get a chance to talk to him). No reviewers yet, but they’ve booked for this week so our fingers are crossed. Tonight will be interesting as we test our marketing strategy of staggered flyering through the afternoon and evening, some costumed, some not, and find out whether our first two audiences are spreading the good word…

Oh, and the lovely Adam Levy joined us for a photo shoot that produced this amazing pic. Check him out:

And on the hot shows front, four of us want to recommend Camille O’Sullivan at the Assembly Hall if you can possibly get tickets – sell your mother’s soul to do so.

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