Is it too late to save Oscar Pike?

Is it too late to save Oscar Pike?
Is it too late to save Oscar Pike?

The newest production by Moulin-Exes is now in rehearsal! Is it too late to save Oscar Pike? is a 1-hour comedy written by, and starring, a writer that I like to call “the Woody Allen of Cambridge” – Paul Richards. Ever since I read the first script he submitted to WRiTEON, I’ve

1) loved Paul’s writing and

2) been convinced that only he can do justice to the lead characters he creates. Like Woody, Paul always seems to be writing about somebody very like himself – and that’s a good thing, because he’s such a unique, witty, awkward and likeable character. So I’m thrilled that he’s agreed to play the lead in this new comedy.

So, what’s it about? Well, Oscar Pike’s got Facebook envy. Plus he’s spending too much time there when he knows he should be writing his new – well, his first – novel. He decides the time has come to be serious about life and make something happen. But the only thing Oscar can actually make happen is an omelette. And he keeps burning that.

It’s a comedy about turning thirty and hoping that’s a beginning not an end. And love. And omelettes.

I’m also really excited about the team we’ve put together. In addition to Paul in the lead role, we’ve got the stunning Kate Madison, who received worldwide attention last year for making, and starring in, her amazing Lord of the Rings fan film Born of Hope, as Oscar’s long suffering girlfriend; Kevin Wright, who’s one of the founding members of the Cambridge Improv Factory, as all the supporting males; and the lovely Izzy Nicolson as all the supporting females. I’m producing and directing, with sound by Alan Morgan, lights by Matt Maude and Kay Morland as our Art Department.

So mark your calendars now – there are only four performances in Cambridge before the show tours a few festivals, ending up in the Edinburgh Free Fringe.


12 May, 7.30 & 9.30 pm at CB2 Cafe, Norfolk St, Cambridge. Performances in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust.
Book by writing to

31 May and 1 June, 7.45 pm, ADC Theatre, Park St, Cambridge.
Book free online at or ring 01223 300085.

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