Today it’s your birthday – not

Today is not my birthday
Today is not my birthday

My one page screenplay, Birthday, was shortlisted in the London Screenwriters Festival fantastic Four Nights in August competition! Woo hoo!

Of course, it didn’t win. But it was one of only 12, out of the 214 submitted, that was shortlisted, and they said some really nice things about it (bless ’em). So I kind of feel like I’m getting somewhere. I mean, it’s been a good year – my feature script, My Dead Wife, was longlisted for the spring Bafta Rocliffe, and my first attempt as a writer/director, Festival of Bruce, was picked as a TiVo top ten choice in the VMShorts competition.

I suspect that’s kind of like being named Miss Congeniality in a beauty contest – everyone thinks you’re so nice but there was no way were you ever going to win. Still, it means someone watched the film and liked it.

Anyway, my fellow scribblers in the LSF contest have been posting their scripts online so I decided to do the same. I really like Birthday. I don’t usually write children but little Katie seemed to pop into my head as a real living breathing person almost from the first. So here it is (click on title below to read) and if anyone wants to give feedback, I’d love to hear it!

Birthday- A one page screenplay

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