Right, and then what?

Having purged my feelings with my last post, Remembering my Mom, I now need to update the no doubt impatient world (smiley face, wink) on what Moulin Exes have been up to.

Robert Jezek in The Judge's Robe
Robert Jezek in The Judge’s Robe

First off, our November/December 2011 project – a commissioned work for the Cambridge and County Folk Museum called The Judge’s Robe. A spooky adaptation of the Sheridan La Fanu ghost story An Account of Some Strange Disturbances at Aungier Street (our title is way better), the piece was performed six times in the atmospheric museum to sold out audiences every night. It was a fun project to make and do, with Robert learning 23 pages of monologue (all in a French accent) the wonderful Alan Morgan creating a creepy cornucopia of sound effects and  Julia Bolden doing a walk-on some people will never forget. Big thanks also to artist Les Edwards,

who graciously allowed us to use one of his images for the poster designed for us by Catfish Web Design. Cute, yes?

Oh, and we got a lovely review from Cambridge Society for Psychical Research member  Tom Ruffles.

January saw my one page play, Adventure of a Lifetime (click on the title to read it) performed as part of Menagerie Theatre Company’s Hotbed Festival. Unfortunately they neglected to tell me it was going to be on and I missed it. I love the idea of one page plays though and this is the third I’ve had performed by them. The first two both made it into the finals (it’s a one page play competition) and I ended up turning one of them into the short film Can’t Handle It. Adventure of a Lifetime involves four actors pretending to be snorkeling, and I’m told they seemed a little underprepared…the plays are put on with little to no rehearsal so perhaps it was just a bit too ambitious physically!

I also started a new job doing freelance marketing consultancy for the outdoor touring theatre company Cambridge Touring Theatre. I’m supporting their many venues, including stately homes Chatsworth, Anglesey Abbey, and Ickworth Hall, in marketing their summer touring show, The Sword in the Stone. It’s great family entertainment and a really nice bunch. We’ll be recording the cast in rehearsal for a radio piece next month, with local sound engineer Carl Homer.

In February I met up with a team of regular collaborators to launch another attempt on the Reed Short Film Competition – but that will have to wait for the next blog!

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