New Project – Cloudburst!

Robert Jezek rehearsing An Account of Six Poisonings by Nicolas Ridley for WRiTEON’s MAD Festival.

May and June have come in  like lions. First, I crashed out six potential scripts for either the Virgin Media Shorts or the 50 Kisses competitions (no exercise, lots of cookie eating, look absolutely terrible now but glad my much abused Muse seems to have returned. Must sacrifice something to her. I know. Cookies).

Then I agreed to direct three and act in one reading of new work for WRiTEON’s Monologues and Duologues Festival (left, photo by Francesca Brown of one I directed at the ADC). [Note to self: must work off the cookie eating before my own performance.]

Third, I started directing one of two new plays Paul Richards is taking to Edinburgh (more on that in another post soon but suffice to say I LOVE the piece!).

After all this I waffled for a bit about whether to try to find a director/producer for my VM Shorts things or do them myself (and which one to submit to 50 Kisses? Still haven’t decided…).  Meanwhile I was also helping Robert Jezek develop ideas for a spec  shoot he was doing with an eye to an eventual Cambridge-set thriller feature…

And through that (two nights shooting, both ending 3 am) I met Nick Poole and Mark Asplin, talented and busy locally based shooters and extremely nice young men and a new collaboration was born.

So, weather permitting, we are shooting Cloudburst for the VM Shorts competition (and beyond) on June 10th. You can find out more about the film on my sponsorship page, including how you can have your website appear in the film. Meanwhile, there are lots of interesting people involved to tell you about over the next few weeks, but for this post, I’m just going to mention two.

Cloudburst demo
A Demo for Cloudburst

First, there’s Paul Gilbert, a Cheltenham based, professional motion graphics/3D animation artist who got in touch after he saw a post I’d done on Twitter. He’s doing fantastic things on websites and TV and also getting back into narrative filmmaking and after a long Skype chat I think it’s fair to say we both felt really inspired and excited about this project. He created this sample image of what one of the film’s sequences may look like. He has loads of skills and experience and is actively looking for more opportunities so go to to find out more.

Second, I’m absolutely delighted to have cast young filmmaker Ryd Cook, who recently won best director for his gorgeous short Thrown at the Bootleg Film Festival in Toronto, in

Ryd Cook
Creative Ryd Cook!

one of this film’s two parts. I’m a huge admirer of Ryd’s films, lots of which you can see on his website: And just look at him. What a great looking young man!  Plus he’s just what I had in mind for the part – the “message” of the film for me is not anti modern technology and the internet but just to remember the other world as well – and in his films such as the beautiful I Skate to Work Almost Every Day I think Ryd does just that…

I used to skateboard as a teen. Is it too late to start again? Might help with the cookie excess…

One thought on “New Project – Cloudburst!

  1. Cloudburst is not going to be ready in time for VM Shorts 2012. Watch this space for further updates on the film.

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