Rustlers in Virgin Media Shorts

David Deptford, Christopher Dane and Robert Jezek.
David Deptford, Christopher Dane and Robert Jezek on the Rustlers shoot. Photo by Alexandra Medeville.

Our two minute Western, Rustlers, is now in the running for this year’s Virgin Media Shorts competition!

The stunning Sovereign Quarter Horses facility in March, CAMBS, stands in for West Texas in our comedy short, starring Robert Jezek, Christopher Dane, David Deptford, who owns and runs the farm, and three of David’s beautiful Quarter horses (described by Robert as “the Ferrari of horses”).

If you like the film, which I wrote and directed with the brilliant support and input of Producers Jen Ruppert and Actors at Work, DoP David Hands, and AD Kate Madison, you can help us get on to the shortlist for this prestigious contest.

Robert Jezek as Deke
Robert Jezek as Deke. Photo by Alexandra Medeville.

The entry that’s shared the most on-line between 12 and 19 JULY 2012, via Facebook likes, Tweets (you MUST include #ShortsLucky13 and the film’s name) and Facebook & Twitter ‘shares’ via the site, will make it onto the shortlist. Which would lead to our film being shown at cinemas around the UK for a year.

And that would be very cool.

Here’s how to support us:

Christopher Dane as Bart
Christopher Dane as Bart. Photo by Alexandra Medeville

Watch the film by clicking on this link (below the pic of Chris):

If you like it, click Like in the Share bar below the film and share on Facebook. Also, if you’re a tweeter, click on the tweet button, or create your own tweet with the film’s name and the hashtag #ShortsLucky13.

And if you REALLY, REALLY want to see our film in the shortlist, invite your friends to like us as well. There are something like 800 great films in the competition, so it’s going to be very tough to come out on top!

The 19th is next Thursday, so there’s not much time.

David Deptford
David Deptford, a true cowboy of the Great British West!

Oh, and if you love horses and are as amazed as we are that there is a Western riding school here in the British fens, visit for info about lessons or their impeccably bred horses for sale.

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