The Trouble with Dot and Harry

Photo by Chris Boland. Neil Morrissey Caffiend-02 August 2013-007 Whoop! The Trouble with Dot and Harry, the Neil Morrissey/Janie Dee comedy I co-produced with writer/director Gary Walkow, made it into this year’s (2015) Slamdance Festival in Park City. Got some nice notices too, like this one from Eat Drink Films.  Gary is still looking for distribution, meanwhile I’ve submitted it for the Cambridge Film Festival, since most of its great locations are in or near my hometown.

Caffiend-02 August 2013-008It’s a really lovely film, shot by Daniel Kaufman (left) over the gorgeous British summer, about Richard, who visits Diane, his former girlfriend, in England. (He wrote a bestseller about her that was unflattering.) Diane leaves him in charge of her two demanding children, Dot & Harry, who he’s forced to take with him on a road trip across England. Richard hates coffee but has an assignment to write about boutique British coffee shops, while the kids have their own secret agenda – to meet their biological father.

Dot and Harry learn that they need a father as Richard realizes that he wants to be one.

You can watch the trailer here:

Photos by Chris Boland

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