Short Films

The Wilbraham Weddings An impressionistic record of one of Classworks Theatre and Costumes Company’s “If Clothes Could Speak” events. Classworks Director Jenny Culank invited members of the Great Wilbraham Over 60’s club to bring their wedding clothes, mementos and photographs to share. The members responded with enthusiasm and their charm, self-deprecating humour and vivid memories made the film an exercise in joy.

Rustlers. Written and directed  for the Reed Competition. Music by my son Lachlan and

Mr Abernathy. A short for the Reed Short Film competition. I was involved in script development and have a cameo!

Someone Else’s Road – a music video for Fred’s House by Emily Blickem.  I’m an extra and did the catering.

Robert Jezek as Zeus with nymphs
Robert Jezek as Zeus with nymphs!

Festival of ‘Bruce’.  See it here:

Can’t Handle It, from a script written for Menagerie Theatre Company’s One Page Play competition.

This is Susan, a short for the competition 2010. Theme – What Monday means to me.

Are You Lonesome Tonight? Short for the Do Something Elvis campaign.

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